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What we value

Emerging Minds is committed to embracing diversity and embedding the values of integrity, trust, accountability and respect into everything we do.

We demonstrate our values by nurturing a respectful and inclusive workplace culture in which both our team and partners feel safe and valued.

We seek these values when recruiting new members of our team.

  • Everyone feels welcome and safe.

    • We consider our personal biases, check our privilege and seek first to understand by actively and patiently listening, and second to be understood.
    • We approach interpersonal interactions with curiosity and a willingness to learn, focusing on self-development and withholding judgment.
    • We accept and embrace cultural differences, and view them as an opportunity to learn something about others and ourselves.
  • We believe in the capabilities of others and the potential to grow.

    • By recognising diverse skill sets and showing our appreciation for people’s contributions we validate their strengths.
    • We build trust by being transparent and respectful in our communications, and holding space to openly share ideas.
    • We demonstrate trust by being vulnerable and asking questions or for help.
    • By seeking feedback we provide opportunities for growth and praise.
    • We establish connection and build strong working relationships by being genuine and investing time in listening to others.
  • We take responsibility for our work and our actions.

    • We are accountable when we take ownership of our own work.
    • We acknowledge, address and learn from our mistakes.
    • We make every effort to be reliable and honour our work commitments.
    • We respect the time and effort of others by proactively communicating when timelines or goals need to change.
    • By reaching an understanding with managers and colleagues about our expectations of each other we can be accountable to each other.
    • We take responsibility by seeking help and extending our assistance to others when needed.
    • We reflect on our approach and attitude to work and how we contribute to the team, programs and organisational aims.
  • We will make time to listen and to understand our similarities and differences.

    • We work towards unity by treating others how we would like and expect to be treated.
    • We give everyone the time and space to voice their opinion without judgment and value their point of view even if it is different to our own.
    • We acknowledge the value of others’ opinions and if we disagree, we do so calmly and respectfully.
    • We are open to new ideas and ways of doing things that are different to what you know and feel comfortable with.
    • We avoid gossip and negatively talking about others, and call out disrespectful behaviour.
    • We only debrief in constructive ways with our team or others when it is appropriate to do so.
  • We work together to consistently demonstrate organisational values.

    • When we embrace diversity, are accountable, and trust and respect each other, we are working with integrity.
    • We demonstrate integrity by being transparent, honest and ethical in everything that we do.
    • Acting with integrity requires taking time to reflect on our own behaviour and put ourselves in the other people’s shoes.
    • We conduct ourselves in ways that align with organisational values and avoids harming or undermining the positive work and reputation of Emerging Minds.
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