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Emerging Minds’ teams work closely together to develop online and in-person training, resources, events, interventions, mental health policy, implementation support and more in the response to the needs of professionals, children and their families.

Practice Development

The Practice Development team is responsible for collaborating with practitioners, academics and child and family partners to build capacity in supporting children’s mental health. This involves the development of workforce packages including online courses, practice and research papers, webinars and podcasts.

Workforce packages provide a scaffolded system of learning for practitioners, which supports confidence and skill in providing prevention and early intervention opportunities for infants and children. Packages provide foundational knowledge and understanding of how specific issues can affect children’s mental health, as well as showcasing the practice skills that can support positive mental health for children and their families.

Families and Education

The Families and Education team is responsible for the development of child mental health literacy and health promotion tools aimed at families and educators. Our resources aim to build families’ capacity to support infant and child mental health and wellbeing, to activate self-directed supports when needed, and to know when further support from a professional is required. As part of this work, we also provide resources exploring how partnerships between families and educators can support children’s social and emotional wellbeing and development.

Working closely with researchers, professionals, those with lived experience and the teams within Emerging Minds, we promote a collaborative approach to child and infant mental health and wellbeing between families, educators, children, and their support networks to work alongside health, development and social services providers.

Partnerships and Implementation

The Partnerships and Implementation team takes a systems approach across four portfolio areas (Primary Health Care, Social Services, Health and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Social and Emotional Wellbeing) to strengthen the capacity of sectors and organisations to deliver integrated support for infant and child mental health.

This includes providing workforce support to services and programs so they can provide integrated support and resources for the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, parents, families and communities.

The team also provides advice and guidance to policy and commissioning agencies on strategies to strengthen support for infant and child mental health.

Communications and Marketing

The Communications and Marketing team is responsible for collaborating across the organisation in the development, production and widespread dissemination of Emerging Minds resources, information and tools including courses, videos, animations, podcasts, practice papers, articles and infographics.

The team develops and implements Emerging Minds’ strategic communications plan, style and branding guidelines, digital strategy and digital platforms – all with best-practice user experience at its heart.

Research, Evaluation and Design

Emerging Minds’ research tells the story of the program and builds evidence of the drivers and responses to population child mental health.

The Research, Evaluation and Design team is responsible for managing and conducting the ongoing evaluation of the NWC. Through collaboration between the internal Emerging Minds team and external collaborators, the team seeks to understand the effectiveness of the program’s processes and the impacts using rigorous and transparent methods.

The team also has a focus on internal capacity building and continuous improvement: weaving evaluative thinking, data and reflection into all stages of resource development and implementation. This expertise is also offered outside of Emerging Minds through partnering with organisations seeking consulting services in evaluation design, program logic modelling and service model design.

Projects and Performance

The Projects and Performance team works across the organisation to support the delivery of streamlined processes and approaches in everything Emerging Minds does.

Projects and Performance supports all teams to create and embed project management methodology in the delivery of all work.

The team also supports Emerging Minds’ partnership arrangements with the organisations co-delivering the National Workforce Centre. This includes supporting contract establishment and management, and ongoing performance reporting.

The Projects and Performance team also leads work on risk management and risk enablement to ensure the processes that are in place allow staff to work effectively and efficiently.

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