NEW: Child and family partners

Emerging Minds is committed to enabling the voices of children and families with experiences of adversity and resilience to shape and contribute to our work. We refer to these relationships and processes as child and family partnerships.

For Emerging Minds, working with child and family partners brings unique richness and value to our work. It adds a dimension that cannot be achieved any other way.

Emerging Minds believes child and family partners provide unique and important perspectives (experience-based knowledge or evidence) which are valuable in terms of enhancing the quality of the products and outcomes for children and families, as well as the overall strategy and direction of the organisation.

With the following list we acknowledge those child and family partners who have worked intensively with us on reference and consultation groups whose advice has been central in producing our online courses and other content.

Many of our child and family partners are named below, though some have chosen not to be named.

  • A. E. Lovell
  • Abbey Clark
  • Alexandra Illic Athanasiadis
  • Amanda Walsh
  • Amelia Hawkins
  • Ann Weston
  • April Harrison
  • Bronwen Hocking
  • Brooke
  • Cassie
  • Cecelia Kluge
  • Claire Capel-Stanley
  • Colleen Simpson
  • Colleen Sincock
  • Debbie Ross
  • Denna Healey
  • Emiko Artemis
  • Felicity Kime
  • Fred Ford
  • Gabriella Mirabito
  • Harlo
  • Heather
  • Heidi Anderson
  • Jacqui
  • Jaisen Mahne
  • Jane Grace
  • Jane Tate
  • Jess Brian
  • Jess Collins-Roe
  • Jodie Hinton
  • Since this is a sample page I haven't added everyone for time...

This list does not include thousands of people across Australia who have so generously supported our content. We thank them all.

We also acknowledge the numerous children who participated in the ‘Child’s Voice’ workshops and shared their ideas, creativity and lived experience.

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