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Children’s mental health is everyone’s responsibility

Supporting child and family mental health is complex and we believe that integrated and collaborative solutions need to be designed with families, communities and organisations.

Our team and network consists of professionals and family members with extensive experience in health, mental health, social services, community development, education, health promotion, implementation and change management.


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What we believe in

Making children and their needs visible

We encourage organisations and the community to make the needs of children visible, asking them ‘how does your work make a positive difference to the daily lives of children now and into the future?’

Working with communities

If you are a community connected by practice, by organisation, by geography or by need, we will work to understand your community context and be driven by what your community needs.

Nothing for us, without us

We partner with children, parents, family members, professionals and organisations through the design, development and implementation of our resources. Our co-design processes have been refined over 15 years.

Sharing expertise

We will engage our range of partners in research, workforce development, online systems and app development, multimedia, e-learning, video production and marketing to understand your needs and work together to bring about creative and innovative strategies

Building capacity

There are many great professional learning courses. However, evidence says that professional learning alone is not enough to make a difference to the way services interact with children, parents and families. To ensure that our learning resources are effective, we work with organisations to support the wrap around changes that are needed to bring evidence and innovation into practice and to sustain it.

Partner with us

Develop responsive, accessible and authentic health information

Emerging Minds specialises in the development of mental health information resources that have been accessed by 100,000s of children, young people, parents and families in Australia. Our resources are designed in partnership with families and have been proven to make a difference.

‘The resources opened up a dialogue between me and my children and gave a voice to our feelings. Without this guidance we would still be sad, angry and confused. We’re now more of a family and were better equipped to deal with challenges.’

Lived experience partnerships and engagement

We are always learning … but we are considered leaders in partnering with young people, parents and families to develop resources, professional learning and influence organisations and systems.

Work with us and members of our lived experience partnership to learn more about how you can engage in meaningful partnerships with families.


‘The way that Emerging Minds nurtures the recovery narrative of its lived experience advisors is an example of their living and breathing partnership with people having close knowledge of families living with mental illness. I have seen the ramifications of these partnerships and their ripple effect as close as in my own home and as broadly as at international conferences.’


Design web-based tools and resources

Technology is an effective way of making knowledge and resources accessible so that it can the change lives of children and families and the services that work with them. We are passionate about bringing children, young people, family members, professionals, organisations, researchers together with artists, producers and IT professionals to make engaging, interactive and meaningful web-based resources, tools and apps.

‘It is critically important to me, as a grandparent, to have free online access to information and advice on how to help my daughter and her children cope … Without these resources I would feel alone and helpless.’

Adapt our suite of materials

Over the past 20 years we have developed a whole suite of evidence-based resources and materials for children, parents and families. Ask us about what resources we have and how you can partner with us to adapt these materials to meet the needs of your organisation and community, while maintaining the fidelity of what they were designed for.

Create and disseminate accessible online professional learning

Emerging Minds has developed an accessible, easy-to-use online learning platform that has been accessed by over 100,000 professionals. We are passionate about expanding the range of courses available on our platform and welcome partnerships with other organisations to create new, innovative, accessible and interactive training that can reach professionals where they live and work to inform real practice change.

Customise and deliver professional learning

Our team and networks of family members and professionals come from a diverse range of backgrounds in health, education and social services and have extensive experience in designing, delivering and evaluating professional learning. We take the time to understand your context and deliver professional learning that is challenging, practical, interactive and accredited.

Ensure success through implementation guidance

Improving the way services are delivered to children, parents and families requires a deliberate and systematic approach. We assist organisations to achieve their goals by exploring the barriers and facilitators to change, assessing their current responses and readiness. We will then partner with your managers and team members to tailor a stepped change management process that continually builds upon the strengths and resources within your organisation.

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