Let’s talk about children (Let’s Talk)

About Let's Talk

Let’s Talk About Children (Let’s Talk) is a brief, evidence-based method that trains professionals to have a structured discussion with parents who experience mental illness about parenting and their child’s needs.

It aims to make this conversation a routine part of the alliance between parents and professionals where they can explore the wellbeing and development of children and how their parent’s mental illness is understood by them.

Who is the course for?

Professionals in:

  • adult mental health settings
  • primary health care
  • non-government organisations
  • child mental health
  • child and youth services.

Why take the course?

  • It can be integrated into the recovery model.
  • It supports healthy parent-child relationships, promoting protective factors for the child’s wellbeing.
  • The method is evidence-based, with demonstrated outcomes for parents, children and families.
  • It improves understanding of issues facing parents when they have a mental illness.

What else?

  • The course includes demonstrations of the method in practice in different settings.

  • It is interactive, practical and engaging – making learning easier.

  • It includes links to practical resources that can be used in practice.

  • It’s FREE.

  • Completing this course earns a maximum of 8 ACMHN continuing professional education (CPE) points.

  • This course is accredited with the ACRRM.

ACMHN endorsement
ACRRM accreditation

How long does the course take?

It is estimated that the course will take between five to 10 hours to view (including watching videos and completing assessments). However, you can complete the course in several sessions at your own pace. The last page you visit will be bookmarked so that you can jump straight back to where you left off – whenever it suits you, 24/7.

Start learning today.

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