Research, evaluation and design

Emerging Minds is a learning organisation with a focus on continuous improvement and translating evidence into practice, policy and systems.

Emerging Minds’ Research and Evaluation team is responsible for managing and conducting the ongoing evaluation of the National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health. Through collaboration between the internal team and external collaborators, the evaluation seeks to understand the effectiveness of the program’s processes and the impacts using rigorous and transparent methods.

We also a focus weaving evaluative thinking, data and reflection into all stages of resource development and implementation, supporting internal capacity building and continuous improvement of our program. This expertise is also offered outside of Emerging Minds through partnering with organisations seeking consulting services in evaluation design, program logic modelling, and service model design.

Emerging Minds’ research and evaluation tells the story of the National Workforce Centre and builds evidence of the drivers and responses to child mental health in Australia. Here we hope to share our learnings on the impact of the National Workforce Centre, how we understand the needs of the Australian child mental health workforce and the families they support. We aim to connect with researchers and influencers in exploring methods and approaches that can be used to investigate and build capacity in this area.

  • Our evaluation

    Our developmental evaluation assesses the processes and impact of the National Workforce Centre against key evaluation questions, to understand the extent to which the National Workforce Centre is meeting needs of target audiences and influencing practice which supports children.

  • Our research

    We contribute to the conversation around child mental health, what supports families, and the capability and development among the workforce that supports them by conducting rigorous research.
    *one liner about research *

  • Our co-design and collaborations

    We use a range of participatory approaches to ensure our work champions the voices of families, communities and practitioners. We also work closely with organisations to support the implementation and systems change, and can partner with organisations on service model design and evaluation.

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