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Information and Consent for Online Questionnaires

Evaluation of the implementation, impacts and outcomes of the National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health

Dr Melinda Goodyear
Manager, Research and Evaluation

Thank you for your interest in participating in this research project
The following pages provide information about the project, to help you decide if you would like to take part in this research. Please read this information carefully. You may ask questions about anything you don’t understand or want to know more about.

Participation is voluntary. If you don’t wish to take part, you don’t have to. If you begin participating, you can stop at any time.

What is this research about?
This research is being conducted by Emerging Minds and the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS). The project is funded by the Australian Government to support and address child mental health. The aim of this evaluation is to learn more about the National Workforce Centre (the Centre) and if and how it might be helping practitioners address mental health difficulties in children. Findings from the study will be used to guide and improve activities of the Centre.

This evaluation study has been approved by the Parenting Research Centre Human Research Ethics Committee (Melbourne).

What will I be asked to do?
You will be prompted to complete online questionnaires through the online National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health. The questionnaires are anticipated to take around 5 minutes each to complete and the number will vary depending on the training you’ve selected. At the end of the study you will be invited to complete a final follow-up questionnaire. In addition, at the end of each online course that you complete through the National Workforce Centre, you will be asked to complete a 3-question survey about that particular course.

Throughout the study, you may also be invited to participate in focus groups with other practitioners.  In the focus groups you will be asked about your experience with the Centre, learnings from training, and how (or if) you have used the training.  You do not have to participate in a focus group if you choose not to – you can still assist the evaluation by completing the online questionnaires.

What are the possible benefits?
There are no direct benefits for you from being involved in this research however the findings from this evaluation may help us to understand how the Centre’s activities worked and what changes may be needed.

What are the possible risks?
If talking with the Centre makes you feel upset, or you have any other concerns about participating, you are welcome to call Research Leader Dr Melinda Goodyear, on (03) 8660 3500. Additionally, our researchers are all experienced interviewers who can help you find a support such as a GP or a mental health worker. Alternatively, you may wish to call Lifeline on 13 11 14.


All data relating to you will be de-identified prior to being used for any analyses. This means that the research team will not be able to determine who the data was collected from when running their analyses.

No other organisations will have access to the files where we store the information we collect from you. Your involvement in this evaluation will not affect your involvement with the Centre or related initiatives in any way.

Limits to Confidentiality

All data collected for this study will be confidential, however there are some important exceptions to confidentiality. If we are worried that you are at risk of harm, we will have to disclose your personal information with or without your consent.

What will we do with the information you give us?

We will store the information you give us in a secure location on a server which only members of the research team have access to. We might also report findings from this research in academic articles, at conferences or in books. No research findings will be reported in a way that allows any members of the study to be identified, including agency names and geographic locations.

Only staff involved in this research will have access to this information. All data will be stored at Emerging Minds for a minimum of 5 years before it will be destroyed. Electronic data will be stored on secure, password-protected servers. Documentation will be stored in a locked filing cabinet.

Do I have to take part?
If you don’t want to take part in the evaluation study you don’t have to.  You may also withdraw from the study at any stage and this will not affect your involvement with the Centre or related initiatives in any way.

Declining to participate means that you do not wish to have information provided by you via questionnaires to be used for the evaluation project. Similarly, withdrawing means that no future information provided by you via questionnaires will be used.  Information provided by you during your involvement in the study will not be able to be removed because it is not identifiable.

Will I hear about the results of this project?
If you would like to know the results of the project, you can contact the evaluation team on ph: (03) 8660 3500 or email Research Lead Melinda Goodyear at and we will send you a summary.

Contact us
You should feel free to ask questions at any time.  If you have any questions about this project, please contact Dr Melinda Goodyear at the Parenting Research Centre on (03) 8660 3500 or email

For complaints about the research project

If you have a complaint or concern about the conduct of this research project, please contact the Parenting Research Centre Ethics Committee Chair on (03) 8660 3500.

Your consent

  1. I consent to participate in this study, the details of which have been explained to me, and I have been provided with a written plain language statement to keep (see downloadable PDF below).
  2. I understand that the purpose of this research is to learn more about the implementation of the National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health and any early impacts and outcomes associated with the introduction of the Centre.
  3. I understand that my participation in this evaluation is for research purposes only, and that being part of this evaluation will not affect my involvement with the National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health and related initiatives in any way.
  4. I acknowledge that the possible effects of participating in this study have been explained to my satisfaction.
  5. For the evaluation, I will be required to complete anonymous online questionnaires that ask questions about my experiences in working with children with or at risk of mental health difficulties and their families, as well as my experience and perceptions of the National Workforce Centre. I understand that I may also be invited to participate in focus groups over the course of the study and that I can choose not to participate in a focus group and still contribute to the evaluation study through the online questionnaires.
  6. I understand that my participation is voluntary and that I am free to withdraw from this study anytime without explanation or prejudice and to withdraw any unprocessed data that I have provided.
  7. I understand that the data from this research will be collected, processed and stored at the Parenting Research Centre following completion of the study. It will be destroyed after 5 years.
  8. I have been informed that the confidentiality of the information I provide will be safeguarded subject to any legal requirements; my data will be completely anonymous and accessible only to the named researchers.
  9. I understand that this evaluation study has been approved by the Parenting Research Centre Human Research Ethics Committee (Melbourne).
  10. I understand that after I submit this consent form, it will be retained by the researcher.

Please click here to download a pdf copy of the Information Statement and Consent Form for this study.

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