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Emerging Minds is committed to working in partnership with child and family partners and professionals, across Australia. The expertise and experiences of a wide range of individuals has been vital in helping us produce content which helps you to support children’s mental health. The list below does not include the thousands of people across Australia who have so generously supported our content, and we would like to thank all of you. This list acknowledges those child and family partners and professionals who have worked intensively with us on reference and consultation groups whose advice has been central in producing our e-learning courses and other content.

Emerging Minds would like to specifically acknowledge the generosity and wisdom of our National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Consultancy, and our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Lived Experience Advocates who have provided vital direction regarding our cultural resource development practices.


Child and Family Partners List

Emerging Minds is committed to enabling the voices of children and families with experiences of adversity and resilience to shape and contribute to our work. Emerging Minds refers to these relationships and processes as Child and Family Partnerships. For Emerging Minds, working with child and family partners brings unique richness and value to our work. It adds a dimension that cannot be acquired any other way. Emerging Minds conceives child and family partners to provide unique and important perspectives (experience-based knowledge or evidence) which are valuable in terms of enhancing the quality of the products and outcomes for children and families, as well as the overall strategy and direction of the organisation. Many of these partners are named below, and some have chosen not to be named. We thank them all.

A. E. Lovell
Abbey Clark
Alexandra Illic Athanasiadis
Amanda Walsh
Amanda Peters
Amelia Hawkins
Ann Weston
Annie Crowe
April Harrison
Bec Baumann
Bronwen Hocking
Cecelia Kluge
Claire Capel-Stanley
Colleen Simpson
Colleen Sincock
Debbie Ross
Denna Healey
Emiko Artemis
Felicity Kime
Fiona Szepanowski
Fred Ford
Gabriella Mirabito
Heidi Anderson
Jaisen Mahne
Jane Grace
Jane Tate
Jess Brian
Jess CR
Jess Kapuscinski-Evans
Jodie Hinton
John Clark
Josie-Anne Wilson
Julie Allman
Kate Fawcett
Kate Miller
Kerry Hawkins
Kham Sirimanotham
Kimberley Cepon
Lana Earle-Bandaralage
Laura Pettenuzzo
Laura Spencer
Lauren Sheree
Lisa Porter
Aunty Louise Rankine
Louise Salmon
Lucy Morphett
Margaret Cook
Mathew Ross
Melissa McCosker
Melissa Styles
Melissa Webb
Naomi Marie Hicks
Natalie Giles
Neva Wilson
Nikko Menzel
Nixon King
Petie Rankin
Rachael Dean
Rachel Harrison
Rosetta Milera
Sally Cassidy
Sarah Cooper
Sarah Reiman
Stuart Weston
Tallulah Mckenzie
Tegan Moran
Tina Thurtel
Tracey Boyden
Trent Katelas
Vanya Almeida
Wei Gao
Wisteria Bridge

We also acknowledge the numerous children who participated in the ‘Child’s Voice’ workshops, who shared their ideas, creativity and lived experience.


Practice consultants

Emerging Minds continues to develop a high volume of content which supports our child mental health learning pathway for many sectors and professions. We thank the following professionals for their intensive support of our resources:

Dr Aaron Chambers
Dr Aerinn Morgan
Allanah Eyles
Alma-Jane O’Donnell
Amye Eden
Dr Andrew Leech
Angela Coppi
Dr Angie Willcocks
Ann Fisk
Annette Flanagan
Bill Wilson
Brenton Wilson
Caitlin Maginnis
Dr Camilla Bastian
Carla Koay
Carol Gannon
Carol Michie
Dr Caroline Atkinson
Carolyn Markey
Dr Cathy Andronis
Catherine Chamberlain
Charlotte Taylor
Christine Watson
Claire Simmons
Clare Klapdor
Craig Rigney
David Tully
Debra Bowman
Diana Murphy
Elizabeth Close
Elizabeth Stubbs
Felix Kerry
Fiona Endacott
Harley Hall
Hong Le
Hunter Scmid
Dr Jackie Amos
Dr James Best
Dr Jamie Lee
Jane Walch
Jenaya Scmid
Jessica Warren
Dr Jill Gordon
Jo Allen
Jo Thitchener
Jonathon Main
Judith Lovegrove
Emeritus Professor Judy Atkinson
Julie Fleet
Julio Alejo
Justin Grant
JutJut (aka Kirsty) McLean
Karla Heath
Kate Headley
Katie Telfer
Kathryn Lenton
Dr Kathryn Lim
Kendall Brilleman
Kerrie Laidlaw
Dr Libby Hindmarsh
Lisa Hofman
Lisa Johnson
Liz Gordon
Liz Lodge
Lucy Wood
Margaret Hayes
Dr Matthew Ruhl
Dr May Su
Megan Hughes
Mel Shee
Melinda Vardanega
Meri Daniels
Mia Miranda
Michael White
Dr Michaela Baulderstone
Dr Monica Ball
Monya Murch
Mthobeli Ngcanga
Nellie Anderson
Pam Rycroft
Dr Penny Burns
Penny Sih
Philip Martin
Dr Priscilla Dunk-West
Dr Prof. Geoff Mitchell
Robin Wright
Robyn Skilbeck
Dr Ros Powrie
Ros Richards
Ruth Tulloch
Sally Field
Sally McLaren
Sam Raven
Dr Sandra Marshall
Sarah Seekamp
Professor Sarah Wendt
Shane Maddocks
Shirley Young
Stephanie McBeath
Sue-Anne Hunter
Dr Susie Cann
Susan Williamson
Suzie Hudson
Tania Sansbury
Tina Quitadamo
Valerie Ah Chee
Zakiyyah Muhammad

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