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Supporting organisations across Australia to keep 'child mental health in mind'

A key aspect of the National Workforce Centre project is building workforce capacity to better support children, parents/carers and families and improve the mental health outcomes of infants and children.

Integral to this is building and supporting an organisational and workplace culture to embrace a range of practices and attitudes that aim to keep ‘child mental health in mind’.

The National Workforce Centre’s team of Child Mental Health Advisors work with organisations across Australia to gauge readiness and help in the development of action plans to enhance organisational practice to support positive mental health outcomes for infants and children.

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The Advisors focus on supporting the implementation of learning products and resources developed by the National Workforce Centre. They cover metropolitan, regional and rural areas and are keen to connect with as many Primary Health Networks, state-based peak bodies, learning organisations and organisations engaged in the delivery of services to children (0-12 years) and their parents/carers, as possible.

Our child mental health advisors can:

  • Engage with key state/regional based stakeholders and/or organisations delivering services to infants, children aged 0 to 12 years and/or their parents/ guardians.
  • Provide advice to major state/regional based stakeholders regarding quality workforce development in the field of promotion, prevention and early intervention as it relates to the mental health of infants and children including how parents/guardians can effectively care for their children.
  • Provide scaffolded learning and development though face to face training and support using video case examples.
  • Identify and implement opportunities for integrated workforce development planning and delivery including organisational, systems change and continuous quality improvement.
  • Support the development of a sound implementation strategy that can promote organisations to keep the mental health of infants and children in mind, where early intervention and prevention strategies are strengthened using evidence based interventions.

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