Helping Children Manage Conflict, Aggression and Bullying

Australian Psychological Society, Australia

This webpage provides practical strategies for parents and carers about helping children learn how to manage their feelings, behave in appropriate ways, and learn non-aggressive alternatives for dealing with conflict. The strategies are for a range of ages and developmental stages up to early adolescence, parents will need to find age appropriate ways of explaining and reinforcing these principles.

It includes the following topics:

  • 'Parenting and disciplining children'
  • 'Dealing with children who fight'
  • 'Fighting between siblings'
  • 'Wrestling and tumbling'
  • 'Angry fights'
  • 'Aggressive behaviour in children'
  • 'Dangerous behaviour in children'
  • 'Children protecting themselves'
  • 'Bullying'
  • 'Teaching children about conflict resolution'

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