Puerperal psychosis – A carer’s survival guide

Craig Allatt, Australia, 2011

'A booklet providing excellent information for partners of women with puerperal psychosis, written by a carer who has lived through this experience. Craig Allatt provides a well-organised, personalised and detailed account of how partners might manage when they face the twin challenges of not only a new infant but also a significant mental illness in the postnatal period.' (Dr Anne Sved-Williams, Helen Mayo House) 'This booklet needs to be handed out by health professionals when a woman is suspected of having puerperal psychosis. It is unreasonable to expect men to have the capacity to find this booklet when they have a new baby in the house and a very ill partner. Becoming a father and a carer are two major life transitions. Men have to cope with these together when a mum develops puerperal psychosis, and this is very hard. This booklet helps men cope by breaking down this situation into bite size pieces and helps them start conversations with health professionals.' (Craig Allatt, Author)

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