Supporting children’s resilience in general practice

About the Supporting Children's Resilience in General Practice course

Supporting children’s resilience in general practice provides you with a conversation guide to assist your work with patients as parents, as well as a rationale for why GPs should conduct preventative conversations with parents about their children’s social and emotional wellbeing.

This course is based on the understanding that parental, family, or social adversity can have a direct impact on children’s social and emotional wellbeing, and that GPs are well placed to hold preventative conversations with parents to buffer children from these impacts.

Throughout this course you will consider how parental, family and social circumstances impact on children’s wellbeing, and how support can best be tailored to foster resilience in the lives of children.

The PERCS Conversation Guide, introduced in this course, is a psychosocial discussion tool developed from consultations with GPs and parents. It supports conversations between GPs and parent-patients around the impact of adult health issues or parental and family adversities on children’s daily lives.

Download the PERCS Conversation Guide summary here.

The course examines preventative opportunities and entry points that exist in your engagements with parents, and provides examples of situations where:

  • a parent presents with circumstances or issues which impact on the child
  • concerns are expressed by a parent about a child’s behaviour
  • the GP holds concerns for the social and emotional wellbeing of a child after consulting with a parent.

Who is this course for?

This course has been specifically designed for GPs, and recognises the realities of general practice, the broad variety of doctor-patient relationships, and the array of circumstances that GPs work in.

This course is accredited with the RACGP and the ACRRM.

RACGP accreditation

ACRRM accreditation

How long does it take?

It is estimated that the course will take you 3-4 hours to complete, including watching the videos and completing assessments. You can undertake the course across multiple sessions at your own pace. The last screen you visit before logging off will be bookmarked and you will have the option of returning to that screen when you next log in.

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